Tim Tebow headed back to the minors

Tim Tebow of ESPN’s College Football SEC Nation will continue his baseball career after being cut from the Met’s major league roster reports Deesha Thosar of the New York Daily News. “Every day, I’m all-in in pursuing this,” Tebow said per the Daily News. “If you’ve been around here, you see that. And that’s just my goal and we’re going to give it as good a shot as we can.” Tebow has continued his duties in the fall for ESPN while playing in the Mets minor league system. For instance, this season if Tebow were to play the entire season […]

Red Sox-Dodgers World Series TV Ratings predictably down

Per Nielsen, television ratings for the Red Sox-Dodges five-game series dropped 25% compared to last year’s Astros-Dodgers telecasts. As expected most people didn’t want to tune into what was in many ways a boring World Series. Not great pitching or scoring.  A seven and a half hour Game 3 lasting until 3:30 a.m. on the east coast was exciting for those who could stay awake.  It also became apparent after Game 4 that the Red Sox were the vastly superior team. Still Major League Baseball managed to average 14 million viewers, according to Nielsen, and that’s not bad. The NHL […]

Right now the Cubs are just average, but believe they have an answer

2016 was fun. Young talent. A World Series. The Cubs did lose, but mostly they won. And when they lost it was in momentary stretches. The first three months of the 2017 season has been one big funk for the Cubs. Last year 103 Wins. 159 days in first place. Beating the Giants easily in the National League Division Series, beating the Dodgers pretty easily in the National League Championship Series. Winning the World Series. These days the Cubs are losing more than winning. As of Friday the Cubs are one game under .500 but only 4.5 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers. […]