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Maybe it’s not the coach. Jeff Hornacek, Frank Vogel and Steve Clifford fired



Jeff Hornacek walked into a losing situation. Frank Vogel never got the talent, either did Steve Clifford. All were fired this week by their respective NBA franchises the Knicks, Magic and Hornets.

Steve Clifford had a good run, five years with the Charlotte Hornets, but a new general manager will likely be in place in Charlotte and so will a be new head coach after the team announced Friday it had parted ways with Clifford.

Sympathy should be the dominant feeling for Hornacek because well the Knicks have been a pure dumpster fire.

Where was the talent on the team. Porzingis is a nice player but in no way shape or form can do it on his own a la King James, Russell Westbrook and it can be argued those guys can’t do it on his own.

The Knicks turnover in the front office and roster is laughable. The roster was simply devoid of talent and for the better part of Hornacek’s tenure he was under the grips of the triangle offense which no longer has a home at least in the pure form that Phil Jackson wanted the Knicks to run it. The Triangle had its day. The NBA today looks absolutely nothing like what the NBA of the 90’s looks like. If you don’t believe me just please watch the NBA network on Thursday night’s when they run NBA Classics, often from the 90’s and you’ll see a much different game-a much more physical-mid range jump shop oriented. Today’s game is so much less about the post and mid range jumps and the kick out.

So we salute you Jeff Hornacek-you may be better off.

Frank Vogel we have a little less sympathy but still where was the talent in Orlando. Can anyone even name a player on the Magic roster?

The Magic’ leading scorer in ’17-’18 was Evan Fournier, surely a nice young man but who one knows about.

Alas young Frank Vogel won 29 games in his first season with the Magic and 25 this season. It was brutal. Second worst record in the Eastern Conference by a game. Only the Atlanta Hawks were worse, winning just 24 games.


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Steve Clifford, well the same excuses for Hornacek and Vogel apply, however Clifford lasted the longest. In five seasons the Hornets went 196-214 but had two 40+ win seasons in ’13-’14 and ’15-’16. That 48-win season probably bought Clifford time, but the last two seasons the Hornets have won 36 games.

The roster: Kemba Walker flanked by an aging Dwight Howard. Walker was the subject to heavy trade talks this past winter. The Hornets are basically starting at zero.

The worst thing for Charlotte has been wasted opportunities in the draft. Malik Monk at No. 11 last season has turned into more of a project than anything.

Frank Kaminsky at No. 9 overall in 2015 was an 11 point per game contributor this season.

It’s about wins yes, but the rosters of NBA teams with coaching carousels are riddled with draft and free agency and trade mistakes throughout.


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