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Cavs-Pacers: A Game 7 test fit for a King



As the Pacers and the Cavs enter Game 7 this Sunday in Cleveland, the common refrain is that the Pacers will need to shock the world in order to dethrone the King, LeBron James.

In fact LeBron has never lost a first-round series as an NBA player.


Victor Oladipo, the Pacers star, announced at the beginning of this season that he wanted to go “Shock the World”.

In many ways Oladipo and his crew have shocked the local fans in Indiana, finishing fifth in the East and giving LeBron everything they had.

The problem with LeBron this series is he hasn’t stopped making shots, three after three, it hasn’t been the big body through the lane, it’s been key jumper after key jumper. Sure he had a thunderous jam in Game 6 but by in-large most of his work has been with the jump shot.


But nothing is secure. LeBron losing in the first-round of a playoff game won’t affect the legacy debate. That debate can never be answered, it’s all based on human perspective without a defined criteria for what makes someone the greatest.

But as tests go, sometimes they sneak up on you. Sometimes the disappointing things are when you thought you had it in the bag.

It’s a big game. It’s an elimination game and people will notice if LeBron, after seven trips to the finals, can be dethroned, albeit for a year.

Likely Cleveland will be looking at a major overhaul that includes an influx of superstar talent-young superstar talent-if James stays. If he doesn’t stay no doubt he’ll join a team that will have at least one other legitimate superstar-take over the game type of player on the roster, a la Kyrie Irving. As of now the Cavs are LeBron and Kyle Korver three’s. So far that’s propelled them into a Game 7 against a super young Pacers team, without the proverbial superstar..


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