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What if I told you the Cleveland Cavs are the best team in the East?



LeBron James has found his grove. It’s igniting the Michael Jordan comparisons and even some of the strongest opinions in favor of His Airness are leaning towards a more equal comparisons between the King and No. 23.

After two games LeBron James has scored 69 points, 43 of which came last night against the No. 1 seed Toronto Raptors. LeBron also threw in 16 assists and eight boards in a game that wasn’t close.

Suddenly with the Cavs up 2-0 going home, they just need to win 2 of the next five possible games against Toronto to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Boston is just amazing with how they have just toughed it out with the big names. 95% of America doesn’t know a player in the starting five for the Celtics but they find themselves up 2-0 against a talented but inexperienced Philly team.  For the record Boston starts Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, Aron Baynes, Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier.

Boston has perhaps the best coach in the game right now Brad Stevens and a lot of athleticism.

Either way, the path for LeBron James to play in his eighth straight finals seems even more clear.

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