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Daily Reads: End of the Road for Cavs, Red Panda and home run decrease



LeBron James vs The Warriors has resulted in a 3-0 series lead, and by all accounts, LeBron alone cannot lead the Cavs back from down three games to become the first team win four straight facing elimination.

LeBron had this to say after last night’s 110-102 loss to the Warriors: “The margin of error is very low,” James said of playing Golden State. “It’s almost like playing the Patriots. You just can’t have mistakes. They’re not going to beat themselves. Yahoo Sports.

The Warriors are likely to be NBA title winners for the third time in four years, with no signs of a dynasty stopping.

Red Panda fell off her unicycle during halftime of Game 3. USA TODAY. 

Tiger Woods has parked his Yacht in the Hamptons just ahead of the U.S. Open which begins June 14th in Southampton, NY. The Yacht named privacy is valued at $20 million and has three decks. 

Something has caused the spike in home runs to pause in Major League Baseball writes Jeff Sullivan of  In short, it appears the baseballs have more drag this season…curious.

The NBA Players Association voted Donovan Mitchell as the Rookie of the Year and James Harden as the league’s MVP.  The recognized, official MVP and Rookie of the Year announcement will take place June 25th.





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