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Red Sox-Dodgers World Series TV Ratings predictably down



Per Nielsen, television ratings for the Red Sox-Dodges five-game series dropped 25% compared to last year’s Astros-Dodgers telecasts.

As expected most people didn’t want to tune into what was in many ways a boring World Series. Not great pitching or scoring.  A seven and a half hour Game 3 lasting until 3:30 a.m. on the east coast was exciting for those who could stay awake.  It also became apparent after Game 4 that the Red Sox were the vastly superior team.

Still Major League Baseball managed to average 14 million viewers, according to Nielsen, and that’s not bad. The NHL which doesn’t bring in big numbers here in the states averaged 6 million viewers by comparison for it’s Stanley Cup final in 2018.

Boston was the juggernaut, the Dodgers need better bullpen help, besides second guessing a few of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts’ decisions, the whole affair lacked compelling story lines.

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