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James Dolan’s PR nightmare in New York



James Dolan is losing the PR battle. Well, he lost that battle long ago, but now it’s just basically over.

Saturday a video taken from a fan’s cell phone shows the owner walking towards the tunnel after another Knicks loss.

A fan yells “Sell the team”.

Dolan confronts the fans and tells him he might enjoy watching the Knicks on TV instead of coming to MSG. Then tells his macho men to kick the guy out of the arena. After a loss?

Either way, Dolan is losing the battle of public relations, which in turn devalues the franchise which he serves to make quite a bit of money off should he chose to sell his majority stake in the team. Of course, for a guy at his level, it’s not always about just coming on top financially ahead. He’s got money and has always had money. He’d like to be successful one would think but simply but has faired well waging a war with the New York media. No owner or pro sports personality has ever won a war with the New York media.

If he plans on keeping the team fixing the broken relationship with the NY media might be the first step towards success as bad as the franchises personnel decisions have been.


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