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The One Thing Magic Johnson Forgot to Talk About



Magic Johnson stepped down as the President of the Los Angeles Lakers. He called an abrupt news conference in the bowels of the Staples Center Tuesday night.

The NBA is a reality TV show that never stops providing new scripts. He cited his trepidation of firing Luke Walton who his owner and best bud Jeanie Buss loved very much.

Of course Magic Johnson was instrumental in luring LeBron James into LaLa Land away from Cleveland, although it doesn’t seem like it was a hard sell as LeBron appears to have strategically made his mind up to do so for some time. But how many decisions Magic made day-to-day is hard to tell.

According to some media reports Magic wasn’t around the office a whole lot and was traveling and caring for his other business commitments.

Apparently being the face of the franchise is much, much easier away from a front office role.

Magic’s brief Lakers President tenure will probably be more memorable than his run as a late-night talk show host in the 90s. His biggest get will be LeBron James.

But as the curtains fell on the 2018-19 dumpster fire that was the Los Angeles Lakers Tuesday night Magic made no mention of LeBron James and the total roster disunity and disruption that his signing brought. He made very little mention of the failed attempt to land Anthony Davis by force from the New Orleans Pelicans.

The biggest question that still needed to be answered by Magic is: What in the world are you going to do with this roster to complement LeBron James in his swan song years?

Magic did say, “We’re half way there, with another star coming in (this summer)”.

Magic talked a lot about how the job had changed him and he wanted to get back to his old life. He talked about being handcuffed as the President of the Lakers, not being able to tweet as freely as he once could.

He never addressed the elephant in the room.

What in the world were you thinking when you put this roster together?

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