The One Thing Magic Johnson Forgot to Talk About

Magic Johnson stepped down as the President of the Los Angeles Lakers. He called an abrupt news conference in the bowels of the Staples Center Tuesday night. The NBA is a reality TV show that never stops providing new scripts. He cited his trepidation of firing Luke Walton who his owner and best bud Jeanie Buss loved very much. Of course Magic Johnson was instrumental in luring LeBron James into LaLa Land away from Cleveland, although it doesn’t seem like it was a hard sell as LeBron appears to have strategically made his mind up to do so for some […]

James Dolan’s PR nightmare in New York

James Dolan is losing the PR battle. Well, he lost that battle long ago, but now it’s just basically over. Saturday a video taken from a fan’s cell phone shows the owner walking towards the tunnel after another Knicks loss. A fan yells “Sell the team”. Dolan confronts the fans and tells him he might enjoy watching the Knicks on TV instead of coming to MSG. Then tells his macho men to kick the guy out of the arena. After a loss? Either way, Dolan is losing the battle of public relations, which in turn devalues the franchise which he […]

Contrary to popular belief, the Warriors still have it

This was to be the season of doom and reality for the Golden State Warriors, a few early season losses. A disagreement between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. They should be fine. Tuesday’s 142 output against the Denver Nuggets says as much about the Warriors as it does the current state of defense in the NBA. In the 142-111 win, the Warriors made an NBA record 10 three-pointers in the first quarter and 21  for the game, shooting at a 60-percent clip.  The trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant scored 89 combined points. The Warriors hold the No. […]

Daily Reads: The Warriors winning machine, The best teams in Major League Baseball and Sam Hinkie’s new gig

Warriors-Rockets Game 7 The Golden State Warriors: the winning machine that refuses to break down– By Les Carpentar The Guardian.  Some are putting the blame for the Rockets Game 7 failures on head coach Mike D’Antoni-Mike D’Antoni Lost The Biggest Game Of His Career, And He Only Has Himself To Blame-The Big Lead.  Eric Gordon believes the Rockets would have advanced to the Finals had Chris Paul been healthy. Paul missed Game 7 with a hamstring injury.  Major League Baseball Rudy Giuliani was booed at the Yankees game Sunday.  Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo broke up a double-play at […]

What if I told you the Cleveland Cavs are the best team in the East?

LeBron James has found his grove. It’s igniting the Michael Jordan comparisons and even some of the strongest opinions in favor of His Airness are leaning towards a more equal comparisons between the King and No. 23. After two games LeBron James has scored 69 points, 43 of which came last night against the No. 1 seed Toronto Raptors. LeBron also threw in 16 assists and eight boards in a game that wasn’t close. Suddenly with the Cavs up 2-0 going home, they just need to win 2 of the next five possible games against Toronto to advance to the […]

Cavs-Pacers: A Game 7 test fit for a King

As the Pacers and the Cavs enter Game 7 this Sunday in Cleveland, the common refrain is that the Pacers will need to shock the world in order to dethrone the King, LeBron James. In fact LeBron has never lost a first-round series as an NBA player. Embed from Getty Images   Victor Oladipo, the Pacers star, announced at the beginning of this season that he wanted to go “Shock the World”. In many ways Oladipo and his crew have shocked the local fans in Indiana, finishing fifth in the East and giving LeBron everything they had. The problem with […]

Maybe it’s not the coach. Jeff Hornacek, Frank Vogel and Steve Clifford fired

Jeff Hornacek walked into a losing situation. Frank Vogel never got the talent, either did Steve Clifford. All were fired this week by their respective NBA franchises the Knicks, Magic and Hornets. Steve Clifford had a good run, five years with the Charlotte Hornets, but a new general manager will likely be in place in Charlotte and so will a be new head coach after the team announced Friday it had parted ways with Clifford. Sympathy should be the dominant feeling for Hornacek because well the Knicks have been a pure dumpster fire. Where was the talent on the team. […]