June 22, 2024
March 29, 2024
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Hot Take Minute: Has the NCAA Tournament lost some excitement?

If the NCAA does expand the men’s tournament field from a group of 68 teams, there’s one thing that will make it worth it: include more mid-majors and smaller Division-1 schools.

Ratings are up for the 2024 Tournament, people are watching, and brackets are filled out, we are interested, but the excitement level hasn’t been there.

As of Friday, with the exception of 11th-seeded NC State, no team lower than a sixth seed remains.

The formula seems to have changed by the selection committee, and it appears that some of the matchup-creating also has gone by the wayside. Purdue had an amazing season and they were rewarded by home games in Indianapolis, with matchups against Grambling State and Utah State. It was a gift for the Boilermakers.

Hopefully, the exciting games are going to happen this weekend as the heavyweights duke it out.

Do we need a Cinderella every year for the Tournament to be exciting? No, but we also need some close games, a few buzzer-beaters, and a feel-good story.  Contrary to the hype, UConn marching over everyone by 30 points or more is not a feel-good story.

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